Last few blockers to opening the new space

Looking at what is blocking us being completely open (ie to philanthropists+ public) :

  1. Double checking those fire exit signs, maybe we can do that today

  2. RFID on the front external door (OR just give philanthropists physical keys until we have RFID on that door, and plan to replace the lock once we do have it – we don’t have to see the externally facing RFID system as a blocker )

  1. A bunch of us sign off on the “front door fix is good enough” for fire exit (I think it is Likely there but want to test it a bit more)

  2. Agree on a protocol for when you have the big rollup door up vs. down (“Up” only when there are several people in the space and at least one towards the front to keep an eye on the door) (This can later be modified by building a wooden “storefront” addition to the front)

OK, adding:
5) Make sure we have clearly defined open/close process for all philanthropists
6) We post a sign on front door and rollup door that says, If you enter the building you are declaring you are vaccinated. This avoids the bad feeling of people being accosted as they enter and they can self-declare their vax status by entering the space.

That’s all I’m seeing right now as blockers. People should come to the meeting and be able to point to some source of info that shows they were Philanthropized/memberized , OR put in a new form to be a philanthropist, once we have those 3 things finished. We could be ready THIS WEEK depending on how we approach it.


Update to this after last night’s meeting,

a) Mask guidelines, we agreed to post conspicuous signs that by entering the building you are declaring you are vaccinated
b) Thursday evening “how to open and close the space” session where we run through what it takes to open the space, keep it open relatively safely, and close it securely when you leave and where philanthropists/members can get keys and RFID access

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