Lasercutting during Lockdown?

So I’ve been asking around without luck for options to lasercut during this stay-at-home time.
I just need to make some small cuts. x20, 60mm x 30mm (max) cuts of 3mm plexi.

Only place I found has a $300 minimum. Super low budget laser cutters are $450ish…

Anyone know of a person / place that would do these cuts? I can trade mad circuit design skills, repair, or $.

Alternatively, if anyone has tips on doing a home lasercutting setup on the cheap, that would be cool!

I can facilitate access/cuts on a large laser similar to NB’s in Oakland, there’s also nearby access to TAP and Mr. Plastics for materials.

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:smiley: you hav messagez

Hey Zach, did you get your laser cutting fulfilled? I’d be happy to make it happen if you cover materials costs. I can either ship or deliver to you.

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Hey gaarrn, I sent ya a message, but not sure if it went through? I’ve been having some technical difficulties with the interface here

Hello gaardn, I’m in need of a personal laser cutting but don’t have access to a laser cutter right now. I am more than willing to cover the cost of materials and your time to cut my project. Let me know if this sound great to you…thanks…

Hey Abotrix,
Sure, that I can do. I’ll PM you my email. Do you already have the file or do you need me to create it?

Is there anyone that can help me with lasercutting? I havent heard back from @the (x) or @gaardn since I sent the files last month. I hope everyone is doing okay, I imagine things are just tricky with all the protests.