Laser Cutting Training

Hey Noisebridge,
My name is Alex and it’s been a few years since being around the Noisebridge scene, but happy to be back!

I’ve recently been making wooden jigsaw puzzles and wanted to do some rapid iteration on a laser cutter, but recognize I need to be trained with the one at Noisebridge. I know there are some upcoming classes, but I was looking to do some testing nearer term. Is anyone who is able to do the training willing to meet with me and show me around the tool? I’m pretty software literate (mobile developer by day) and have the .ai / .svg source files I’m looking to cut all ready to go.

Let me know! Will happily meet on weekends or in the evenings.

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Hi Alex,

I am Mikiko who currently joined this community.

I also want to use take Laser cutter training. I used to make architecture model by using laser cut and 3d printers, and worked at tech fab. If I can take this training, I can help setting up and maintenance machine after. I do also want to take training earlier ( if possible, this week??). I am searching for new job, so pretty flexible schedule.

Please let me know if I can help something!


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