Laser cutter update

I will update according to the information I have so far:
From @Borgaard :

Here’s what’s needed:

  • Gaardn is ready to arrange the purchase of the Purex 1500i, an 800cfm fume extractor. This is sufficient, but could be better.
  • Do we have 120V/30 amp or 230V 20 amp for where the fume extractor will go?
  • Broccoli is the smartest vegetable and is correct that the Hackatorium could benefit from a higher cfm. Napkin math says 1,800cfm would be the most we’d need which we can get close with broccoli’s suggestion to get 2x fume extractors.
  • Gaardn requesting cfm and quote for the 2000i and 5000i Purex models.
  • Is there any reason the laser shouldn’t live in the tiny room that currently houses the 3D printers and other CNCs? (Looking for answers that are not “it will be hard to move”)
  • Untrained people have been using the laser. Insurance nightmare. We need to explore the requirement for EVERYONE to get retrained. Yes, even if you were trained in 2169. It’s been 2 years for most people and we’ll have a different setup. Safety third, except when it can endanger people’s health.
  • Gaardn would like help in building an online curriculum for the in-person checkoff. She has the content and can show her old and current setups, just needs a laser & web savvy person to provide expertise.
  • The laser computer. Is it fubar? Someone either please fix or donate a computer that can run Lightburn.

Lastly, I’m happy to devote time to getting the laser running, curriculum, training users and other trainers, etc., but starting in late January I’ll be unable to be physically present as often. If you would like the laser running safely and pleasantly for everyone in the Hackatorium, consider this the fire lit under your ass. It’s time to help.

It sounds like the cost will be $6k for the fume extractor + $1k/year of maintenance, and the offer for $6k ends soon. @gaardn will be ordering on Friday.

Thanks TJ! During the meeting last night we little c condensed we’ll be ordering the fume extractor on Friday.

From waterppk:

Have you guys looked at used/auction listings for extractors? I don’t want to rain on the trend toward making a decision but I think this would fit the bill for you guys: there’s other options but you’ll need something with a good charcoal + HEPA + pre-filter:

Those links are a flood of ads nightmare on mobile. I tried to find cfm but couldn’t get through the 20% offer pop-ups.

Cfm is what matters. Can anyone see if it’s listed?

Looks like it’s a Fumex FA5-2 so that’s 450cfm:

HGR is an industrial surplus broker, they very often have medium sized laser cutter extractors like this one we’ve bought 2 of them over the years, both worked fine when we got them. We ultimately built our own system using a converted Torit dust collector but use these smaller Fumex/other brand extractors when we go to a Makerfaire or take the show on the road otherwise.

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This is excellent info. Thank you, Sector!

Thanks for the awesome update!

A tiny room away from the large lift door seems less safe for fumes, also I dont know that room, but I will be so very upset and sad if it gets moved to a place without wheelchair access. Please, please keep this NB item wheelchair accessible.

if it wasnt for Covid I would come by and do this (like Ive done before). However I can donate parts (RAM, CPU, computer case etc) if that would help. I also facilitated the donation of a bunch of i5 towers recently which would serve this purpose nicely.

The software we used before was RDWorks, maybe we should get that running before switching to Lightburn or something else?

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RDWorks and Lightburn are the same software. Lightburn is just reskinned and configured out to make the menus/functions easier to understand

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No worries, Zach! The laser will absolutely be accessible.

Thank you for donating i5 towers and willingness to add ram and such! Do you know where they ended up?

Thanks they were just the donations area a few weeks ago. Made a thread about it here too

if you train me to use it i’ll train whoever else. hows it coming along?

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Dumping this here for info:

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I happened to notice that there are two towers next to the laser cutter right now, one of them is an i7 that has a note on it that says it has windows on it and it says “works”