Laser cutter training


Hi David and Ruth,
I am a new member of the noisebridge community and I missed your laser training class today! I have a urgent project I need to use the co2 laser for and wondering if you or anyone in the community would be willing and able to host a quick class this week? I will make extra donations since it would be a smaller group.
I have experience running a model shop and have ran other laser cutters and cnc equipment so it will be a quick class!
Please let me know and what other resources I could contact for help.


(David) #22

Hi Justin are you available tomorrow evening? I have a gig in the Mission tomorrow afternoon. Not sure how long it will take but could tentatively meet you at 6:30 -7:30pmish updating you tomorrow as I figure out my timeframe.


Hi David!
Yes I can be available anytime tonight after 6pm. I live close by, just ping me when/if you have time. I really appreciate it!

(David) #24

Ok keep u posted

(Blanca Rodriguez) #25

Hi David, wondering if you have some time this week to take a pick on my project. I was on Monday laser cutting but it did not go as great as I expected: /

(David) #26

Hi Blanca - it’s easiest if you just post what issues you’re having here maybe with photos. There is also a laser chat channel on Slack but if you’re not on there then here is fine.

(Blanca Rodriguez) #27

Great, Thank you

(David) #28

No problem. Actually I just learned that there is a “Laser Guild” category in the discuss. You can find it on the left hand panel of the discuss if you scroll down. I think that’s generally a good place to post things about the laser. This way all the users in the laser guild can help eachother with any questions that they have.

(Chris Murphy) #29

Thanks for the training last Sunday! I never got the password to use the laser cutter workstation. Please send it.

Also, should I doocratically add my name to this list?


On Mar 30, 2019, at 13:43, David via Noisebridge wrote:


    March 30

They got back to me - training will be at noon tomorrow

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Chris Murphy

    March 30

I would be interested in attending training this Sunday. I checked and I don’t see it listed (which is fine…OT I don’t think we should rely on external online services). But will there be room for me?

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(David) #30

Hi Murph - let me do that tonight or tomorrow. I actually just got permission to edit the wiki list yesterday so haven’t gotten to it yet. Let me private message you the password.

(Victoria) #31

Bumping this thread.

I have ~4 years of experience in laser cutting and did the safety course at Idea Fab labs in Santa Cruz. Where can I find out about the laser training for Noisebridge? Is there a session coming up?


Im in a similar place as bossanova, i used to teach the lasers at techshop (till they screwed everyone out of months of salary) so now i’m trying to get certified to continue my half-done projects at noisebridge. (it is a diff machine though). i’d love to join a training