Laser cutter buildout

So, the laser cutter has been moved to the front garage area, it is near the opening, and near the 220v outlet, so, in-theory, it should be fairly easy to get some basic testing going on the laser cutter. This is intended to be a temporary solution until we get stuff moved around to put the laser cutter in a better place, and eventually even put some holes through walls/ceilings to get ventilation going. The idea of using the garage is so that we don’t have to do any of that, and should be a quick path to getting something going right away, so that we can identify any unknown issues and also experiment with power and ventilation options…

As I understand it, we still need the ducts, fans, computer and power set up. Anyone who has some relevant experience here is welcome to work on this.

However, as per long standing NB policy, only people who have had special laser training from Noisebridge is allowed to work on the actual laser, optics and mirrors, and of-course to actually fire up the laser. It would be really nice if a laser veteran can help provide some leadership here…

A more longer/medium term plan would be to maybe move the laser cutter into the back corner by the hallway door, but we would need to move the hack/project shelves… But the idea would be that we could easily run the ducting through the back door, and we could get it running in a slightly more out of the way place but still not have to poke holes through the walls. I think we have a transformer available that will allow us to run it on standard 110v power as well…

And super long term plans would be to find a forever home with installed ducting and all that… but we can discuss that later…

Please use this thread to help coordinate and document progress so that as a community we can hopefully get this going soon


We also have a GH issue to track this:


Hi Im new here but I put together a plan the other day for how to get the venting out the door and to the roof without 1 letting it get rained on or 2 having the door open all the way, 3 actually be on the roof, 4 have to drill(very much) into the building or 5 leave the door open more than a few feet.

I shared this idea with Dave, Relay, Ryan, and TJ over pizza when the power was out. My plan is temporary and will cost less than $50 if we dont need anything I havent thought of yet.

I have share this idea with numerous people in person and everyone so far seems to agree that it is a good short term solution. After we get it working it will revive peoples spirits and we can recalibrate it and move it again probably much faster than a year.

I am a laser artist but dont know how to calibrate a laser cutter. Ive spent a good deal of time researching it and the manual may be forever unobtainable si its crucial that we get some people back here who can do this or our community may forever lose this knowledge.

The cutter is a Kaitian CM1309 with a 130 watt laser. The company was a front end for china, seemed to have contact info in Cali and Mexico and is now defunct. Last facebook post in 2017, phone goes to generic voicemail.

I knew I should have posted this earlier as I knew someone else would if I didnt: Im proud to have something to share with my new community, but again Im also new to discuss. I dont use GitHub except to download code so Im at least introducing the venting plan here. Ill make a drawing when I can and get onto github whatever.

Ill be at the meeting this evening. We really really need @gaardner or someone like that to show up and actually do the calibration and any firmware stuff if thats even possible anymore.


This is awesome, thanks for making things happen!

I’m an EE and handy with tools so really happy to help here – please let me know how I can. What kind of documentation is available?

I am certified on the NB laser but only used it once so I have forgotten everything. (I have used other laser cutters at Autodesk Pier 9, TechShop, and Stochastic Labs extensively and even tinkered with them.) I will join on gihub – I’m headrotor there

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I’m so relieved to finally see interest in getting the laser set up. Without people pitching in I felt helpless to make progress. With the space we have it’s going to be a nightmare to vent outside. Our neighbors out back won’t appreciate our exhaust in their windows, and venting to our entryway also doesn’t work.

The good news is we won’t need to vent outside with a fume extractor. I’ve reached out to a few companies for quotes. We’ll need one with more than 350cfm, ideally 500+cfm. This enables us to move the laser where it would work best for the space.

Happy to get the laser set up and teach classes each month after we have a fume extractor set up. Ideally I’d also like to get laser trainers/maintainers active again - and I’m willing to take the lead on that, too, once we have a safe and sane setup.

Hey everyone, I just realized that the laser cutter’s current position directly inhibits access to the the network cabinet above it. This is going to block efforts to work on the space’s network buildout… Also, The internet is out at the space, and I am unable to diagnose it because the laser cutter is in the way… I fear that less restrained noisebridgers will simply use climb on top of the laser cutter to try and get at it… probably best to move it about 3ft away from the wall

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Not only is there the server there, but also the electrical breaker panel. Which needs an unobstructed path to reach. Add in the hose bib, 220V outlet and you’ve got a lot happening in that corner.

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Agreed. Can we get 2-3 people to help relocate the laser on Tuesday afternoon?

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copied from slack:

broccoli 9:25 AM

I think the idea of the lasers current position is to better understand our needs for ventilation and fume extraction. It is not a long term place for it but rather a test-bed for the actual plan.


@Woz (Dave) @jd regarding the panel stuff currently blocked, we should make sure there is a good path to them and that they’re accessible (weighted for access frequency). There is nothing stopping the laser being pushed forward a bit, chiller moved, etc.

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Yeah, the City will also have an opinion about breaker panel access.
3’x3’ comes to mind. Many places paint a yellow square on the floor.

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We should probably do the yellow paint/tape, too

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Thank you, things like setting up crossposting is not my strong suit.


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