Keeping this Forum Updated

I’d like to help maintain the forum and as it needs to be updated from 2.4.x to 2.5.x
Is there anything I should be aware of to make the upgrade process painless in Docker? Would really appreciate any input from @tdfischer on best practices. Thanks!

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I upgraded Discourse last time and just ran

$ cd /var/discourse; sudo ./launcher rebuild app

More instructions:

Looks like we can upgrade through , too, which is pretty cool, though I haven’t tried it.


Thank you @elimisteve . We are up-to-date @pyconaut. Moving this topic to #meta. Hmm, I see a new notice now:

  • Sidekiq is not running. Many tasks, like sending emails, are executed asynchronously by sidekiq. Please ensure at least one sidekiq process is running. Learn about Sidekiq here.

  • Events plugin is no longer working at v0.1 and needs to be fixed. I’m wondering if it stopped working due to an earlier system upgrade. See this thread.

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Okay, checked …/containers/app.yml per the plugin installation instructions linked earlier.

app.yml was updated with correct Git repo urls for these two plugins:

Rebuilt the container successfully
$ cd /var/discourse
# ./launcher rebuild app

Still seems something is not working for Events… see this discussion continued on the meta.discourse forum

Event functionality has been restored thanks for the wonderful information and guidance on

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Thanks for updating things James! This should be a regular metaguild responsibility I would think. Were we notified there was a new version (if so, where? I missed it) or did you just happen to check?

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The big update had been available for weeks, or possibly months. I got it sorted it out thanks to the excellent docker-manager plugin, advice from @elimisteve and the excellent info at

We’ve had a lot of volunteer changeover and could use a couple new people to help manage this server, especially if they are comfortable learning the basics of managing the server together. See details at

Something you can help with right now:

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Yes and YES. I’ll get on it later today

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Google Login has been enabled for this forum. You should now be able to login from your Google account directly. Let me know if any issues.

Cool, thanks @Mark. Here is more info on what is needed.

Twitch auth

Register a new Twitch API application at
Client ID
Client Secret

discord client id

Discord Client ID (need one? visit the Discord developer portal)

discord secret key

optional discord trusted guilds

Only allow members of these Discord guilds to login via Discord. Use the numeric ID for the guild. For more information, check the instructions here. Leave blank to allow any guild.

Steam Login instructions

  • note to self: I’ll also need to install the Steam plugin to Discourse

Facebook Login has also been enabled for the forum. Please test and tell me if any issues.