Java Script Mentor?

Dear peoples of Noisebridge,

I’m starting my hacking journey with Java Script and was wondering if there will be any of you willing to mentor me? Thank you!


hey there, what’s your general availability, assuming weekly weekday evening might be a good cadence to start back up a regular js coding group. I’ve got a few projects worth re-visiting that could be useful exercises. Any particular area of interest or project you want to be able to complete?

I’ve found this a good jumping off point and re-visit from time to time JavaScript Tutorial


Hi! Also studying JS here. Just wanted to plug our group called freeCodeCamp SF, most of us are NB people. We’re active in a slack we have and meet 2x weekdays on Google Meet to go over coding learnings. down at the bottom of our page is our slack and meetup link Free Code Camp San Francisco


If you get stuck on something and want it explained I’m available too. I’ve developed apps in Javascript/Typescript before and have done both frontend and Node work. I’ve been a mentor for at least the past decade too.

Happy to help, do reach out!


Heh, I’m a kinder, gentler, slower-to-respond StackOverflow :grinning:

Seriously though, I’ll try to keep an eye on things, so ask away here or privately.

Dear the X, I apologize for the late reply. I have just got the notification. So far I’m free anytime after 12pm. Thank you! My knowledge of JS is 0. I’m going through FreeCodeCamp and Paul Lindner is kindly and patiently helps out when I stumble upon things that I don’t understand. Thanks for the link. I have just signed up.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Paul!

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