January 5 minutes of fame

I keep forgetting when the five minutes of fame are and preparing for them

Let’s peg the January 5 minutes of fame at January 20!

I can’t use jitsi it rarely works smoothly on my system and cuts out so I guess this happens to other folks to. In preparation why not make video prerecoridngs ?

pre recordings is a good idea! better video quality too.
Jitsi is very browser dependent. Hates firefox often and runs rough on older machines. Ive had some luck with Opera browser.

Zoom is much better optimized and runs great on my 10 year old laptops.

Anyway, 5mof is good stuff, happy to see it revived! :slight_smile: Hopefully tech bugs will get smoothed out.

Totally on board with prerecordings. For those of us with no recording experience, what software and setup is recommended?

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You can do screen recordings with Quicktime! That’s how I did it before, at least (although I am not an expert)

@zach ya what’s weird is that the last time I tried Safari worked OK but I couldn’t get Jitsi to work properly on Firefox. Perhaps it’s my internet connection!

OK so January 20 it is, plenty of time to prepare. Maybe it does well to have both a video recording beforehand as well as a live meeting!

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I mean what you say matches what I said, yea? It doesnt play nice with FF…doh. I doubt its your net connection.

Glad folks are putting this together :slight_smile:

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@miromi @gaardn @culteejen
we still on for today? I checked the wiki and signed up, but im the only one so far:


also start time has me a bit confused - it says “social” start time is @6pm but event is at @8pm - does that mean the jitsi will open at 6pm?

whats the link to join? @miromi do u need tech assistance to get it going or someone else to host (i can be a backup)?

calling on @pyconaut @lxpk @lizzard @hzeller @malaclyps and anyone else who wanna come by!! :slight_smile:

(also if anyone knows a good free screen capture software for windows, thatd help!)

They’re kicking off Game Jam at the space rn!

what is that / what does that mean?

if anyone can answer my precious message it would be helpful to know whats going on

i think since its already after 6 and no one else signed up or posted a link, im gonna make other plans…if anyone organizes the next one plz ping me, im down to present.

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Game Jam chat is here: https://discord.gg/nSjdaUSQ

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It’s a 10 day global jam, where people develop games!

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@Zach ya sorry Zack I dropped the ball on this one! That was my moving day into a new place