Jan 2 2019 Fundraising Meeting

Today the Fundraising working group met.

We discussed:

  • We raised over $5.2k from 120 donors last month! Thats huge, given we only sent out 3 emails and a handful of tweets!! We need to send out a general announcement about this.
  • Nicole needs to submit her resume to Lilly for the SF technical grant
  • The SF Technical Assistance grant will get submitted by the 15th or 16th.
  • Nicole is switching us Quickbooks! Hooray accounting!
  • We need to send a thank-you to all 120 of our donors.
  • The gala has been rescheduled to April 26th, given spring break is approximately the month prior and nobody will have bandwidth then, so end of April is a safer bet.
  • R has put together a lovely fundraising homepage for us! Hooray! They’ll work with SuperQ to get it put up on noisebridge.net somewhere, then we’ll continue to iterate on it as we progress.

Next meeting is Tuesday, January 8th, 2019. Update your cards, y’all. :purple_heart: