Items for 8/31 meeting

Listing what I know so far to expedite this week’s meeting.


  • We’re rebuilding the gate! Current status ???, @themanmaran, @croepha, and broccoli (Discuss handle unknown) have been hard at work this weekend.
  • Potential Plex server?? May not be working rn

Consensus proposals:

  • Upholding the vaccine mandate
  • Enforcing the mandate through verbal testimony on tours
  • Enforce vaccine passports at the door
  • Mask mandate for anyone in the threshold


  • Electric outlet locations (I’ll post a few tonight)

This doc is meant to be fluid, and will be edited before today’s meeting.

Here is a discussion item.

Clear communication and healthy decisions are much needed. To clarify,

"Consensus items are active during at least 3 consecutive Tuesdays:

Initial consensus proposal
Finalize consensus

Additional weeks are optional if more discussion is needed."