Is Noisebridge open for fully vaccinated people?

Hi all,
I have not been to Noisebridge in about 1.5 years due to COVID but I recently got my second vaccine shot and am exited to return, I know we have moved to 272 Capp but am wondering if NoiseBridge is fully open and if the way of getting in is the same as before COVID. any help or info would be appriciated.


We are currently moving every Saturday from noon to 5! We currently have a crowd already, but would appreciate you coming in the following weeks.

I’m the meantime, what would you like to have or use at Noisebridge? We are currently looking for people from all engineering backgrounds to help set up shops, soldering stations, and the like.

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Yeah I’m kind of confused by this as well. Doesn’t NB want all the help it can get? If you’re vaccinated then there literally could be a rave within the space (can’t wait for this tbh) and all who are vaccinated are safe.

If you mean ringing a doorbell and being let in, yes, it seems to be that way still. Apparently there is not an easy door system like before so someone will have to greet you? Never tried it, but, there is activity during the week day at the new location ~ I have seen the front gate and sometimes the garage opened.

So maybe try swinging by on a week day?

What you see or read online is typically not what is actually happening at the physical location for better-or-worse.

Build trust with those who are there at this moment and whatever, but, just like before: You might not be let in. It seems to be in a transition state at the moment as NB preps for the June 15th opening of SF?

I am sure the folks there have best intentions at heart.

Made this account to give you my perspective, but, most of this is just observations. I am not an active member of Noisebridge or anything like that.

Just to answer this bit, "Doesn’t NB want all the help it can get? If you’re vaccinated then there literally could be a rave within the space "

One thing we need to do before having larger numbers of people in the space at a time, is some basic safety code stuff like having proper fire exits. There are at least 4, I think actually maybe 5 or more, doors that need “crash bar” style hardware installed for that, and we need more Exit signs with their own power supply, and more fire extinguishers, stuff like that. So that’s going to be in the very near future buildout plan.

Even then I don’t think we go immediately from “buildout” to “rave”. 5 minutes of fame and some classes are more like it. But, please, by all means, go out dancing somewhere actually set up for that!


Thank you for your thoughts and observations @59135 . We do have activity on weekdays, particularly Tuesday afternoons, in addition to Saturday afternoon buildouts. We are trying to work on a limited-hours schedule, I would attend a Tuesday 7 PM meeting at if you’re available.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, and to the extent that vaccinated people have less concern for spreading contagion you are right. I would say the concern is more what we are and general liability: we aren’t a clubhouse, we are a hackerspace at heart. We can hold parties for our members, but we need some members (and trusted ones) to do that.

Yes we do! Operating word here is “help” . If you have something you’d like to use at Noisebridge (soldering, shop, cutter, sewing, etc.) , we would love any and all input setting it up. If you want something added to Noisebridge, now is that time. Setting up tools and projects is how Noisebridge grows; help us with that, and we will reward you.

We currently have a door with a manual key. Those who have helped with the space and have access will coordinate daytime hours (nighttime hours is NOT consensed), again come on Saturday afternoons or Tuesday at 7 PM and we can fill you in.

What do you mean by this? We do have limited physical hours, but we post routinely and have regularly scheduled meeting times, if you want to contact us.

I’d like to think of it as “we are in the process of rebuilding Noisebridge and are trying to recruit excellent community- and space-builders” . We are planning a reopening schedule for the next month or so, def not fully reopening on the 15th but will welcome more people. Again, please come to our meetings and contribute!

I’m sure you do too, and we would love to welcome you into our active ranks!


Thanks @lizzard & @culteejen !!! – I really do miss dancing haha. know that nb isn’t really the place for that, but, I have had some great experiences there. I am used to the old “show up and hack on whatever” mindset, hah. Still remember when the fire marshal would come by, and the entire space would freak out and un-daisy-chain the power connectors all over the place. Seems like some action is being taken to “do things correctly” this time around. Also recall some sort of retribution reporting by some folks or something, so, this makes sense.

I suppose this is the first time back trying to catch up with what’s going on online in awhile. I read about the space being open, and I only heard about it being open for build-out weekends, but, every time I passed by the space, it was different (even on week days). I do remember when I did go to NB before it shut down that it was kind of ad-hoc, and, yeah, like. Just “showing up” and hacking on whatever was the mindset then, and I assumed it was the mindset now! I suppose that’s what I meant by that, like, the online and the physical space seem to exist in two different parallel universes (and the online stuff is very fragmented!!), but there is a best effort to keep them in sync & folks like you two are great!! truly appreciate it!

I think Lizzard and my posts cover why we don’t have “show up and hack” right now, but if you have specific questions about what we said, let us know!

The people who come in on weekdays are mainly hacking on the space itself, and have already been attending meetings and catching up to speed on Noisebridge plans. If you want to be part of this group, I’d love for you to attend meetings or show up on a Saturday buildout! Meetings are welcome to all and we purposely create tasks that a newcomer could follow and do.

I know we will have a purely social gathering in Noisebridge sometime in the (probably distant) future, and could use some thoughts on how to do that best!

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