Is a Guild the same as a Working Group? let's discuss

In today’s meeting we had a little difference of opinion about whether a Guild is the same as a Working Group.

Let’s discuss!

My initial thought, based on the conversation that I heard tonight, is that perhaps a working group is a group focused on completing a particular task or set of tasks? Whereas a guild is about maintaining organization and resources. Do ppl agree this is a good way to characterize the difference?

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I’m happy to have the distinction between the two.

Working group, kinda like a project group, has a particular goal to accomplish, and once done, that group is no longer needed.

Guilds on the other hand are dedicated to maintaining a resource that Noisebridge wants to keep around (woodshop, library, etc.). You wouldn’t want to make a guild to accomplish a task (i.e. fund-raise elevator), and then disband it.

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