Intro to SF City Government

(Jameson) #1

Last year I offered to put Victoria Fierce in touch with the San Francisco Chief Innovation Officer to discuss Noisebridge’s space needs. Krista Canellakis ( finally got back to me and is asking…

Blockquote “what neighborhood(s) you’re looking for space in? I can connect you to someone in our Office of Economic and Workforce Development who is more familiar with space availability.”

I have not been able to get back in touch with Victoria. Can anyone field this? Having an ally in the SF Gov could help streamline things wrt a new space.


My bad. Slipped off the top of my inbox. I just replied to you in that e-mail, but if other Noisebridgers want to take lead on this I am 110% happy to hand it over to someone with the time.

(Jameson) #3

Thanks @tdfischer! @Channel: Sounds like proximity to public transit is the biggest requirement. I would like to go back to Krista with a specific list of preferred neighborhoods (and/or requirements), so that she can make the push to the Office of Economic and Workforce Development more productive… I’m new to this discussion, so can everyone weigh in on the following?

Hi Krista, The Noisebridge Community is most interested in re-locating anywhere in San Francisco with close proximity to mass transit (BART). They need something roughly similar to their current space (5,000 sq ft).

With these two considerations, perhaps any of the following neighborhoods:

  1. SOMA
  2. Mission District
  3. Glen Park
  4. Tenderloin
  5. Civic Center
  6. Balboa Park

(Jameson) #4

Any and all feedback / insight is appreciated. I will wait 1-2 days and then reply to Krista (2 days will have been a week since she emailed me). Thanks all in advance!

(Jarrod) #5

Hello Jameson

That list of neighborhoods seem to be pretty comprehensive. Somewhat unrelated to location here are some other requirements that we’d came up with previously:

safe enough for walking at all hours
At least 5,500 sq. ft.
Elevator access or ground floor with accessible restrooms
Zoned to allow a Community Facility and/or PDR
at least 100A power supply

Neighbors who are not concerned about noise
Natural Light
Good Ventilation
Chill landlord, if leasing
Not too nice, we’d like to easily to modify the interior spaces.

(David) #6

If you get a chance, also ask about any fallow industrial properties owned by the city. For example, the abandoned Muni Substation on Fillmore and Turk.