Interest in an Interviews/Job Hunting Class

Hey there. Was just thinking of ways I can contribute back to the space. So, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people for jobs at a large search company you may have heard of. Would people be interested in a class about preparing for those type of interviews or job hunting in general? There’s already a Stanford class on this for software engineers:

But there’s other roles (product manager, design, ux) and I can help with that too.

And while I love my Stanford peeps, I’d like to see a wider variety of diverse candidates pass the interview process.



For sure! What time were you thinking of holding the class? I also have held a couple interviews (although def not full-time) , and could provide some help.

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This sounds interesting to me!

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I’d love to help with this by giving a workshop on project managing your job hunt. In my last hunt I applied for 65+ jobs and got to final rounds with something like 10 of them. It can be hard to keep track of who you applied to , talked with, what you talked about, when you are bouncing between 5 different companies in a week and this system helps keep it all in order!


Sounds like there’s some interest. Will do some planning once I return from DEFCON.

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Keeping organized on the job hunt is such an underrated skill. I would be thrilled to attend your workshop and Paul’s on interview preparation, especially on product management.

Def down for this

We are planning for this but haven’t picked a solid date yet. Would anyone like to help set up a small classroom area with us this coming week? Talk to Paul or Liz!

I won’t be able to allocate the time to this, so it won’t happen without someone else jumping in.

I would recommend that books from Career Cup to those that are looking to interview in addition to the slides for cs9 in the original post.

Also see Mekka’s tweet about this.

Are you all still interested in doing this? I’m definitely not an expert but I’d be glad to try and help coordinate. Maybe we could do it before the Sunday whiteboarding / algorithms workshop since they’re somewhat closely related.

Also @lizzard I’d be interested in hearing more about your job hunt PM skills. I think the most I’ve successfully juggled at once (at least meaningfully) is 5.

I am interested please.