Integration of Guilds with pre-existing NB infrastructure

Hey there, so this is kind of a broad topic, there are at least a few different vectors we could approach this from.

I’ve had the issue come to mind recently in the form of “why not simply use the secretary email address to handle comms with our badge platform?”

My thought has always been something like “why wouldn’t we want to consolidate infrastructure?” One of the reasons for the existence of guilds in my mind is added transparency. Like, make it easier to understand how Noisebridge is organized.

In the case of my current problem, I wanted to use the secretary email alias to receive info from badgr, but we decided it may be best to not use it, and keep it its own thing for managing membership and legal things. The idea is to not clutter it with too much extra stuff. But here’s something I’ll ask: what makes membership concerns different from guild secretarial concerns? Are they? Or is this an arbitrary line we are drawing, because membership is old NB infrastructure and badges and guild stuff is new?

Just a thought I figured we could explore. Are there other things we might think about consolidating so as to make everything Noisebridge does more transparent and accessible? What kinds of things might seem like they should be, be actually shouldn’t?

On a related note, it was suggested to me that we create new mailing lists for these types of things, because groups can self-manage those. Interesting in theory, I think. But again this goes back to the problem of “scattered information” which I believe we suffer from all too often.

I’d be curious to do a check-in tonight at our regularly allotted time (8pm). We can talk about the questions in the top post here and make sure to take notes.

I’m wondering especially if we should talk as a group about Discuss board improvements, which @James has been doing a lot of work on.

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