Installing a Weather Station at 272 Capp Street

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@david Here is basic information on the weather station in the linked post above; I have the kit ready on-hand for Noisebridge.

What is Needed?

Click here to see the populated kit

  • We need one Li-ion 18650 battery.

  • 12 pieces M3 Brass Hex Standoffs as shown assembled and un-assembled

  • Lacquer Spray - for adding a protective coating to the electronics to shield them from the elements.

  • Sensors! - rain sensor, anemometer, uv sensor, moisture sensor, whatever.

  • I am happy to provide all necessary soldering.

  • Monitoring - We can install Home Assistant on a Pi or similar:

    • must support Bluetooth and WiFi 2.4ghz
    • Pi 3 is supported, but model 4 has slightly better performance
      • Anyone have a Pi 4 to donate?
    • Device should be placed in #rack or a similar space in Noisebridge where it will be left alone.
      • Assign dhcp reservation or static ip.
  • Roof Installation possibilities for the Weather Station w/ Anemometer - Permanent or Weighted Tripod

We can either attach to the roof of 272 Capp Street on a 2x4, or place on a weighted tripod as shown in this Sparkfun project example.
2x4-attachment.PNG roof-tripod.PNG

Anemometer and support for additional sensors

  • Sounds like David has a home-built anemometer solution we can use. I would like to add some sort of basic rain sensor so we can monitor whether it is currently raining at Noisebridge.

The weather station is run off an espHome D1 Mini Pro, which can support an extra 5 sensors beyond the included BME280

  • Arduino-compatible
  • Solar powered off 5.5v panel
  • BME supports Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure
  • Anemometer will add Wind sensor
    • This leaves 4 additional sensor possibilities available on the board
    • Would be awesome to add a rain sensor or air quality measuring
  • Suggestions for sensors? See suggestions on the diy project page.
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