Inquiring about vaccination status [Consensus Item]

Please spread the word to any Noisebridge members you know!

“You must broach the subject of vaccination, either by pointing at the sign, or asking the person if they are vaccinated. If people are unvaccinated they must not be let inside without very good reason.”

Submitted 8/24, and will be finalized next Tuesday 9/14 at the 7pm meeting. You are encouraged to attend or share your thoughts! Please note only members may block this item.

Continuing the discussion from Meeting Notes 9/7/2021:

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Would someone please share this to our Discuss Mailing List and social media. Or, directly with any members not yet part of the meeting discussions. Thank you!

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Blocked. See thread on Slack. Copy paste follows:

Just making it clear that I express a block on both of these consensus items as written.

To be clear about the first one I would replace must with something like “it is excellent” to respectfully ask people if they are vaccinated or remind them that they need to be vaccinated when entering the space.

I would also add to the first one that it is unexcellent to ask to see someone’s vaccine card unless compelled to do so by law.