Infrastructure Reboot

Sometimes we take things like our Discuss forum, chat bridges, Jitsi, and Wiki for granted. If no one is around to maintain these things, then they will stop working. This might be some occasional downtime, or in an extreme case, permanent data loss.

With our shutdown and reboot, we have lost much participation in the maintenance of these systems. We should assemble a new crew of people who will help keep the lights on. If you worry that you lack the required technical ability, please see this as a learning opportunity.

Lets meetup in the space on Thursday at 5PM to discuss the future of our infrastructure. If there is enough interest, then we might be able to keep things going.

If you are feeling ambitious, here is some prep reading:

Can someone make an event on meetup for this?


Meetup page: Check out this Meetup with Noisebridge Hackerspace

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Trying to pick through and find topics that @James has shared here before. I believe a fair bit of documentation can be gleamed from these posts.

Keeping the form updated:

Update on moving to a stable branch:

You can see logs at

James’s history on the discourse meta forums. These have a lot of history on various integrations he’s set up.

Initial Matrix setup

Initial Scuttlebutt setup

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