Inaugural Meetup Of "Whiteboarding & Algorithms -- Weekend Edition"! ^__^

This is the beginning of the Weekend Edition of “Whiteboarding & Algorithms”!! ^___^

Whiteboarding & Algorithms Workshop - Weekend Edition

Sunday, Jul 14, 2019, 1:00 PM

2169 Mission St. San Francisco, CA

4 Hackers Attending

Because jobhunting and preparing for job interviews by yourself sucks. It's better to do it with a community! Come to Noisebridge and practice whiteboarding, algorithms, and other interviewing techniques together with others!! =D (This is also a support group for job-hunters.) This event will be in the Hackitorium, and will be a more structured ver...

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Ishan is helping me~~~!!! :smiley:

I’m trying to find out how to make this a recurring event in


Ishan and I have found out that 4:30pm on Sundays will work better for our schedules, so all the subsequent meetups will be scheduled as such. ^-^

Also, based on the conversations I have with @James, about information about Audiochurch, we can move the Whiteboarding & Algorithms on the days that Audiochurch will happen, so we will not interfere with that event. ^___^

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