In-person Blender 3D Animation Classes @ Noisebridge (Sunday afternoon weekly)

Hey Noisebridge, Rayyan here! Have been with the Noisebridge community for almost 2 years. Have worked on projects there pre-covid and helped with the moving of Noisebridge during Covid.

Glad to see Noisebridge opening up again slowly. I have a proposal for a class that, in my 10 minute search, didn’t show up anywhere in Noisebridge’s history. (Might have been taught as part of Game Dev but never independently).

I’d like to teach a weekly 2 hour in-person class on Blender 3D Animation and Design at Noisebridge (More details on Blender Software at the end). Free class with sliding scale donations $0-$20. (Wouldn’t mind splitting any donations with NB as well.) Timing and dates: Preferably Sunday afternoon.

Curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

  • Blender animation pipeline
  • Modeling
  • Shading
  • Key framing
  • Rendering and Compositing
  • Physics simulations
  • Sculpting

Blender doesn’t need fancy computers to learn and make things, so anyone with a laptop with MAC, Windows or Linux on it can learn. Unless you are using ray tracing for your renders, any CPU can sufficiently render images with no difficulty. (Videos at high quality and frame rate is a different story. My GTX1080L on my laptop can take 8 hours to render a 10 second scene with ray tracing and high quality settings). It would be a great to have a render farm at NB for a small fee to offset electricity and rig cost. Would be WAY cheaper than cloud based solutions and can be a very good service for NB. I can take the lead on such a project in the future.

Blender is also a free open source software built on Python. Blender works on one principle “Free to use for any purpose, forever”. The online tutorial community is great, and I think we are in the golden age of 3D animation and design now, since pretty much anyone with access to a computer can learn and make high quality renders.

Furthermore, eventually, we can have a digital art focus session once a month and just have a nice time building and fostering that community in the city.

For disclaimer: I live in Oakland at a community center, and I am also starting this class there on Mondays for people in and around Oakland.

Let me know how people feel about this. I think this is a much-needed class as part of the Music Produc and Game Dev side of offerings from NB.


I would like to bring this up in the weekly meeting. #weekly-meeting

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I’d be interested in this! Unfortunately out of town for 3 Sundays in August. I prefer in person meetups but are you going to try stuff online simultaneously as well?

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Well, Blender has a lot of tiny tools and details that you may have a tough time finding if watching a stream. Streaming compression hides the details.

But I can try and stream it if you want to join in at a time.

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I am thrilled to hear that you want to do this, and want to support you however I can! What time on Sundays were you thinking? I usually do a stream on Sundays and could maybe attend/help if it doesn’t overlap. We should definitely talk more in person or on Discord (same handle: Arity).

Meet up link is up. :slight_smile: Also made a quick render with the NB logo for the meetup cover photo.

Me and another newcomer are just going to show up this upcoming Sunday with some cartoonists hopefully!

I’l be there this Sunday! If possible, please install Blender from in advance. It will save us a couple of minutes and we can focus on the absolute basics quickly. It only takes 20 mins to get the basics down pretty fast.

Any chance for a remote participation option for those of us that want to attend but are high-risk for covid? lmk if I can help with setup, mic check, etc.