Improving Forum Badges

Continuing the discussion from Re-design for this forum (please submit your thoughts)

One thing I noticed is I was wondering if the Badges can be adapted to Noisebridge discuss forum more specifically, in regards to quantity & scale of NB potentially compared to other groups using the Discourse format.
For example, the badge “Reader” is for anyone who has read all the replies for a post that has over 100 replies. Are there any posts with that quantity of replies ? Maybe have it at 50 replies or so ?

I am definitely fascinated by the Badge idea for this discussion forum (both the positives (encourage interaction and in-depth conversations & digital dialogical community (?) and maybe potential negatives of status symbol, social currency ?)

Also, the Great Share badge:

If you would help with sprucing up badges, that would be awesome! All badges are still the Discourse defaults, so you are welcome to customize them however you wish! Fyi, there was another thread previously about regarding Noisebridge specific badges as an “award”.

The main badge I think is solid is the “Active Patron” for our Patreon supporters. :sunny:

Worth nothing we have a couple interesting options, which tie into badges:

  • Currently unused Data Explorer plugin, for custom actions including Badges based off forum specific database queries.
  • Custom Wizard is another [inactive] tool you can use to create interactive tutorials and award badges.
    …probably more

edit: I disabled the most basic badges

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I would be down to help if other NB folks like the ideas about modifying Badges to potentially match NB levels of discourse !

Are there any other hackerspaces or similar organizations to NB using Discourse for compare/contrast ?

Found this

Worth nothing, when viewing our badges the number on the top right will tell you how many users actually have that badge. So, you start to see how many of the default ones we aren’t using.

Badge actions can be customized via SQL queries.

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I actually like the basic badges ! But maybe I am the only one who does ? I think they are good for encouraging new users to this forum to explore the different techniques to encourage strong engagement, including how to most properly use the forum for easy reading & information seeking.

Cool, re-enabled them all.

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