I'm asking tdfisher to also leave Noisebridge

@Tdfisher cornered and confronted me at noisebridge expressing her frustration and what I interpreted as anger at me. does anyone think that I should have asked her to leave before she asked me to leave? she was the one taking out her anger and her frustration on someone from noisebridge (me), she was doing something that is akin to retaliating against a whistleblower essentially, like retaliating against Chelsea manning for throwing up the inconvenient truth about what people are talking about at NB. Although I was asked to leave I am also asking @tdfisher to leave Noisebridge for confronting a member with her frustration as retaliation for sharing a small conversation with a larger group. The needs of the few do not outweigh the needs of the many.

the consequence of this retaliation meant that I missed an important Job interview at a major software company

Hi @Clouda, being asked to leave Noisebridge includes being asked to leave Slack and Discuss also.

job interviews are way more important than noisebridge drama. hope you can have your time back and focus on what’s important while you’re on noisebridge break.


You can’t ask people to leave in retaliation for being asked to leave. That’s bullshit.
Clouda, you’ve created a tornado of negativity and paranoia around you. I am hereby 86ing you