Idea For Maker Faire 2019 Project - DIY touch-sensitive surface with game projection

I have an idea for a Maker Faire project.

It needs to fit 3 criteria:

  1. It has to be easy to carry and bring around.
  2. It needs to be interactive, because those are more popular.
  3. I am taking inspiration from 2 sources:
    3.a I saw this at Alt-Ctrl-GDC last year: this was the touch-sensitive surface that I was talking about:
    3.b The Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller, which is it is something that is EASY for ANYONE can use, and they can use any bodyparts like feet, elbows, palms of their hands, etc.

I did some research about what would be needed for something like this. I’ll add the links to the stuff that I’ve researched later.

I’m also taking suggestions from people who are more of subject-matter experts on these than I am.

Who’s interested!?!?!?! ^___^

Thanks in advance! ^-^

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What about a puzzlebox? Like a box for a group to solve puzzles on - puzzles on several surfaces and it slowly unfolds/unboxes as you progress? It could have multiple locks which need creative thinking to solve and once you solve them it unlocks more

  • Touchscreen game
  • Lock with “Blacksmith trick” puzzle to get the key
  • Lock that must be picked with attached tools
  • A lock that only opens when some conditions are met (ex: it must be in shadow)
    and more
    in the inside there could be treasure or like a geocache - leave a treasure/take a treasure thing.

It could be a good thing for a group to make as different groups can work on making different puzzles.

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Looks fun, but difficult to implement in such a short time… unless they open sourced the whole thing? If they did, maybe you could get a team together to get something working.

I personally don’t have any free time in the coming 2 months to work on this, I wish I did!

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@mcscope that sounds like a fun idea!! But I don’t know how to do that yet. May I create a new topic with it, so that it could be a future project? It sounds too complicated to do in time for May.

@Mark no worries!

Anyway, this is one of the resources that I found. I’ll edit this post to add more of them: