I misplaced my fanny pack, black colored, while leaving NB Sat. evening 7/31/2021

Hi, Noisebridge folk:

I have miss placed my fanny pack, which I had near the time I was departing Noisebridge Sat. night, near or after 8pm PDT 7/31/2021. I had set some things upon the chest-high surfaces near but inside the exit gate, perhaps near the books lending library or other near-exit shelving there. If I am blessed by good fortune, perhaps one of you noisebridge regulars who may be going into there Sunday morning to mid day might spot this item and hold it for me. I have updated my schedule to come by there after church service which lets out between noon and one pm Sunday.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, Frank bynum; itekramp@jaluo.com;
Until my fanny pack is found, temporary phone number 19377604915 and ask for me, or leave voicemail, or send phone text.