I hope I can make it over to Noisebridge and present my invention to you in the future!

Hey Noisebridge!
I was hoping to get some advice from you if you have a minute to send me any advice if you have it.
I took a position of community outreach in Mobile, Alabama at Mobile Makers. But I’m at a bit of a loss on how I can raise $2,500 a month. Without it we will lose our hackerspace and we do not have enough memberships, nor the time to gain the members before we run out of funds.
It is super important to us that we find a way to make something happen so that we can achieve our goals in having a positive impact on community and our schools.

I’m all ears if you have any ideas or feedback.
Much gratitude goes out to you guys! I’ve definitely drawn inspiration from you guys.

I cofounded a successful hackerspace (namely SBHX), and access to shared physical tools was a major driver of $40/month subscriptions. 24/7 access for trusted people paying enough per month was also a solid draw.

The more events you host, the more people you can pitch and get to sign up – and hosting those events doesn’t cost you hardly anything (net) since you’re already paying a fixed amount monthly for rent.

Events for helping people get started with Python, JavaScript, Arduino, or other tools/platforms would be pretty easy to host for some person at Mobile with intermediate experience in any of those things.

Lastly, allowing others to pay to use your space (or part of it) for their events seems to work well for some venues, too.

Good luck! :noisebridge: :fist:

Thank you. For the most mentioned we have in mind what you mentioned to happen. What makes me scratch my head the most is how do i get the number of people to want to come to events. Whether a class of students from a public school or anyone that would even hear about the event in the first place. Should I just expect for it to happen as it happens as it decides to? I do admit I have a negative perception of me just advertising it in another random part of town or even getting a school’s staff to be willing to jump on board.

Use social media, use posters, use newspaper and Facebook ads, and encourage the people who are already on board to tell their friends. Geeks are often friends with geeks, so leverage those existing social connections with like-minded people!