How to Use This Forum

All about using Discuss, and adding your suggestions to improve it.

Take a look at this article discussing how to best use categories and tags.

I’ve realized we are severly under-utilizing groups, which are definitely an easier way to handle guilds/special interests. The only group we had until yesterday was a semi-secret “Laser Trainer” group, which has been working well for two years, oops.

By creating a group, you can also control who has access to see/join/leave/mention/message/interact the group and it’s members.

Somewhere between groups and categories is a definite sweet spot for us. I’ve created a @help group and added you both so you can check that out + a MetaGuild group – see group listings here.

@Mark @pyconaut what do you think? Btw, hacking on this Discourse software is fun as hell! I highly recommend it. Every tweak makes it that much more useful to us. :slight_smile: And, we can literally tweak every setting… this post is now a wiki so feel free to edit it directly.