How to deal with conspiracy theorist at Noisebridge?

Just had an awkward conversation with a guy who I have seen about 3-4 times within the last 1-2 weeks here at Noisebridge. He has a sign on his bag with “I am a slave and we are all puppets” (or something similar) and I noticed him once or twice explaining to people how we all have some kind of strings(?) or whatever inside us that allow others to control us. When I just asked him about the booklets he was working on (with “Freedom” in rainbow colors on it), he explained to me that he got tortured by some kind of sonic boom device (??) and after a lot of research he came to the conclusion that we all have some kind of stuff inside us that makes us die at some point, that is somehow connected to this (and something about presidents language…). Can’t make sense of what he is saying, but his presence makes me feel uncomfortable… Having people with such psychological issues at Noisebridge sounds like a bad idea to me.
Does anyone have any suggestion on how to deal with this guy (tattoos on the arm, wearing glasses, super short hairs)?

Yeah this behavior doesn’t have a place at Noisebridge; we’ve seen this before with people that truly need help, but we are not equipped to address the issues this guy has, so he needs to take it elsewhere.

It’s okay to ask him to leave; that doesn’t mean he’s banned, it just means the relationship he has with Noisebridge is unhealthy and needs a break.

His theories may be correct or incorrect but has he done anything to harm anyone? An awkward conversation isn’t reason to ostracize someone(else I’d be banned from life) nor are theories which can’t be substantiated. Did he strike up a conversation with you? Was he accosting you or anyone else?

I agree about it being offputting, especially during general meetings, as that’s how he introduces himself and it can sometimes derail introductions as he says it so fast that almost no one understands what he said so people ask him to repeat it and then what him to explain it. In general he just sits and works on his computer and doesn’t seem to bother anyone, it has mainly been at meetings.

This is his whole introduction from a few meetings ago

guitar draw paint, c++, c#, studing old language, “secret agencys militias human trafficing torture slave”

I know I feel weird when writing that into meeting notes.

I dont know if it is relevant but he says he’s also a Syrian Refugee and that could explain a bit of his “unique” perspective on government and immigration.

I am happy this was brought up as I think quite a few people feel square with his introduction, but I’m not sure if people who are unaware of his introduction feel awkward around him.

I would also like to hear some more opinions.

I am of the opinion that as long as he’s not disrupting other people he should be allowed to stay. But I think that it’s also important to recognize that we are not trained to make these decisions… I think we should reach out to some local professionals to see if there are any free assessments or training that can be arranged…

If there are people that we are concerned about, it might be good to have something ready so we can say “You’re welcome to keep coming here, but we’d like for you to consider seeing…”

After some quick googling I found these two options:
(415) 677-7946, ext 1


(415) 597-8000

Does anyone here have any connections that might help? Is anyone willing to volunteer to make contact?