How to build a hive-mind

…and other ways to live well-enough to live forever.

Want to avoid a miserable death in a western hospital, regretting that you didn’t live as well as you could have?
I do.

Allow yourself to envision the limits of embodied human wellbeing.
How healthy could you be?
How good could you feel?
How intelligent, fit, behaviorally dynamic, and sexy could you become?

The question is not whether to aspire for optimal health and longevity, nor even embodied immortality, but whether we can fully live NOW, while maximally benefiting such possibilities;
and in resolute acceptance that death may arrive at any time with the ability to say ‘thank you’, no matter when he arrives…for death is but an old friend.

We needn’t accept any artificial limits on our potential flourishing, but rather remove such limits to live presently and towards the greatest possible good.

These are not lofty ideals, but how we’ve always been meant to live.

How can cancer be cured?
Simple: To whatever extent cancer can be avoided or cured at all, it’s by collecting and applying data. Where to find such data? People with cancer or with symptoms, or with any associated data-point related to its curing/avoiding. As the crowd accumulates more data-points, and the infrastructure is established for allowing individuals to quickly triangulate associations between such data-points as they are relevant to the individual and her avoidance of cancer, the ability of that crowd-system to print out the most relevant data-points in service to curing/ avoiding cancer exponentially approaches those ends, and to no end.

Likewise for the factors involved in aging, chronic stress, addiction, social justice, ignorance, apathy, poverty, and whatever else we disagree with about this world.

Properly organizing social data is the only practicable means to solve whatever problem you care about, and with the sense of satisfaction there’s nothing else out there you could have found were you to search google or Reddit for another 500 hours.

The crowd shall provide exhaustive and precise solutions to all your problems, including the problem of not having problems if/when such a time comes.

To the extent the crowd/world can only provide probabilities, these probabilities will also be exhaustively precise, ever-increasingly, in real-time, so you’ll know you have the best information possible.

This idea emerges from my own struggles to overcome ailments that our society not only fails to offer solutions to, but rather piles on every temptation, discouragement, and misleading advice, to strip you of your life in service to entities of capital that have little to no justification for their claim to be serving anything of lasting value.

Take my new venture in body-building:
For years I’d go to the gym and leave feeling crummy after cranking out reps as hard as I could.
Having lived with trauma most of my life, I would have liked to have known that trauma is best understood as a dissociation from certain muscle groups in the body.

But by attending those muscle groups I’d avoided for so long, so long that I didn’t even know I was avoiding them, many if not most of my problems with trauma (and the entire cascade of problems following) would begin to evaporate.
Since these muscle groups are extremely punishing to revisit in vain…only by extremely slow, patient, persistent, and devotedly mindful training could the healing begin. And not only healing, but open up a hidden dimension I never knew of, and within mere weeks.

To the extent one finds the sweet spot when lifting, one finds bliss, with goosebumps and hair standing up, and the discovery that life outside the gym gradually becomes new and free of pain one never even knew they had.

Body building: The real way.

POSING: induces human growth hormone, ergo super-crucial…also testosterone, confidence, posture, bone growth, good form. There is no body-building without posing.
Posing is like yoga because it requires great mindfulness in the present to learn good form.
You get mindful with your body like yoga, but with the up-rightest of posture.

Slowness of lifting reconnects to dissociated muscle groups… way, way, way slower than you think. Consider doing ONE 5-minute arm curl. Or really slow, partial situps in a chair. Invent your own form of Tai Chi.

Ending in bliss leaves you wanting to return to the gym every day, which is also super-crucial.
Go to failure, but stop at the very first failure, in bliss.

Always maintain a serene or happy face. The grimace contributes to chronic stress, aging, although you may gain, your gains won’t be in grace. Go slow enough to maintain a serene, content face.

“You want to show muscularity, but you also want to show grace. It’s grace that makes the champion.”

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (Watch Pumping Iron, and ask yourself why Arnold won. You will have an answer that can’t be found anywhere else.)

Topic: Manifesting Superintelligence

The primary distinction between organisms with brains (intelligence) and organisms without brains, is that organisms with brains MOVE. Organisms without brains don’t move.

Ergo, if you want to sustain or even improve your overall intelligence, you should be ravenous in your search for every excuse to enjoy moving, and with the greatest dynamism possible.

Smarter creatures not only move more, but they move in more complex ways, such as our use of the mouth, throat, tongue and diaphragm in speaking… or even our fingers on keyboards…BUT BEWARE…your fingers on the keyboard require an optimal body to last, and unless you think you can serve the economy with only hands and a brain as well as Stephen Hawking did, you may want to begin realizing how good it can be to fully manifest the potential of having a human body.

Also, to the extent we can look forward to augmenting our embodied capacity in the coming decades, those with the greatest health and fitness will most be able to take advantage of such opportunities, and most recover from any experimental accidents, and most discern which opportunities aren’t merely for tempting the vain and foolish.

Regularly be exposed to novely. Abhore comfort and pleasure. Seek joy.

The sexiest have never been those with plastic boobs, but those who move with grace.

Next topic (for later) mastering your epigenetics for wellbeing and longevity.
First principle to keep in mind: Everything in life modulates which genes are activated and suppressed, ergo by utilizing crowd data, we can compile an increasing database on how to turn various genes on or off. And since we share 55% of our genes with a cucumber, let nobody blame the genes. The genes of the greatest of the great lie dormant in the meekest, waiting to be summoned by the right touch, tone, sight, effort, and prose.

Where was this copy and pasted from lol

I’m sorry. You can pursue your superintelligence through bodily perfection on your own, and try to recruit some of us. But I don’t want Noisebridge space to be used for this. Space is a valuable commodity here, and the purpose of Noisebridge hack and create, not lift weights.
I love exercise myself, and find it fulfilling. But that doesn’t mean I set up a personal gym at Noisebridge.

Well bless your heart.
Who and/or what am I to think I can come in here and implement some healthy practices. I must not have known who I’ve been messing with.