Hosting Advanced Virtual Circuit Hacking Class?

Hey peeps,
Is CHM still happening? Since the world is now being forced to live my lifestyle (yay?) I’m more able to be part of the community again!
For those that don’t know, I’m a hardware engineer / repair / DIY hacker guy with over 15 years soldering and hacking things. I do circuit design work now and have taught many a class over the years at NB.

I have a paid Zoom account now and could host classes on there with any number of people. Soldering via webcam could be tricky with my setup, but I could:

a) Instruct people with repairs and soldering
b) host a How To EagleCAD / PCB design class
c) host an intro to circuit dev / project organizing 101 (from start to finish, design through assembly of bringing things to market).
d) DIY microscope and tools tutorial? Or something else I’m forgetting?

lmk if theres interest. EXTRA BONUS if someone wants to let me borrow a nicer webcam, mine works but is a little meh quality.

CHM has been revived with @Roboto Mondays at 7 pm PT ! I also do the robotics sub category of the electronics guild. We would definitely be interested in hearing from you. Would you be able to stop by then?

Is CHM happening over Zoom or another video platform? Is there a link somewhere to join?

I could log on one of these Mondays. But the reason I posted here is I’d actually be more interested in hosting something for intermediate to advanced soldering hackers/ aspiring EEs.

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