Holiday's @Home w/NOISEBRIDGE

2020 Seasons Greetings to one and all!

Since we won’t be planning any X-Mas specials inside or out of noisebridge this year, I give you Flaschen Taschen LIVE “Beta” MMXX

YouTube Stream of ‘ft’ on noisebridge channel (Take 2)

*NOTE(s): Intentionally mostly some noise in the background right now. This URL will change over time, so the stream may be off-line or elsewhere as this evolves. The main channel and updates can be found here

You can read up on more of what makes the bottles blink here and thanks to Carl for the demos, and Henner for the OG code.

Here is the behind the scenes of “devil.noise” our recently upgraded Arch Linux box of fun on wheels with a plasma screen in the hackitorium that has been enlisted to run the show while I’m sleeping in:

Look forward to more hacking and coming up with some more holiday themed animations and soundtrack. Currently experimenting with mostly noise (80%) and holiday cheer. Open request for original soundtracks and music to use. Updated, now streaming Creative Commons music.

This is also an extended test of publicly streaming from the space. While there are ongoing privacy and other considerations, this also seems like a reasonable opportunity to test out ways we can do it excellently. The setup is in the “workshop” which is directly behind the big roll up door at the front of the space. There is a chance of unintentionally being on camera if someone was to walk thru the space unawares. NO ONE should be walking thru the space right now all willy nilly, and there is a curtain that can be used to obscure any necessary minimum activities.

I’ll share more details with folks interested in helping maintain this and be monitoring to insure reasonable functionality. If I find it unmaintainable or am unable to reasonably manage unattended I will take the system off-line. Currently hoping to extend this for a continuous 24 hour test, maybe longer.

P.S. Chaos Communication Congress (CCC) is now Remote CHAOS eXperience (rc3) this is our BIG annual pilgrimage to Germany held between Christmas and New Years. I hope to help co-ordinate an assembly and SF regional remote event with possibly an even bigger Flaschen Taschen!


tldr; ya’toob auto drops (temporarily interrupts) live streams with “copyrighted” material, so I can only assume everything it doesn’t block is verified as totally legit.

Ya give it a minute, it “temporarily” does that when it gets triggered, first it was “Joy to the World” remixes, anyways it’s still going…

…moments later “Excellent”
Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 10.23.17 PM

support your local somafm; ballers of bay area merch for decades. r33l h4k0r’z warez

So that worked for over 22 hours straight! I experiment with different combinations of noise and background music. Just restarted the stream (updated link above) and now using Creative Commons music which doesn’t seem to trigger the YouTube blocks. The first live stream isn’t available for playback, will see if this one is when it’s done without any copyright issues.

Shorter demo clip uploaded of testing here: