Help us improve this Noisebridge Discourse Forum

(James) #1

For anyone interested in getting involved, use as your primary reference tool for understanding this forum software. As an fyi, we could request hosting here if we find uptime to be overly difficult to maintain.

Guide to Discourse Themes for getting the right look and feel on this forum. We’re off to a good start!
Possible Plugins - there are many available. Here is the list of all available on Github and here is another list with descriptions.

Reply by email, posting by email, sending emails to people: an update
Categories name Change

I extremely want email replies. The docker setup I’m using has that baked in and just needs MX records to point at it so I can enable it.

I can install some of those plugins tonight.


The following plugins are now installed:

  • discourse-chat-integration
  • discourse-cakeday
  • discourse-plugin-replygif
  • discourse-whos-online
  • retort

(Matt) #4

When I get an email from discourse it says “NoiseBridge,” in CamelCase.

(Matt) #5

also I can’t post pics from the stupid Android app. I can’t meme.

never mind! figured it out.

(James) #6

Nice, perhaps we should throw together some documentation for accessing this forum on mobile. I haven’t tried it yet myself.

I’m curious on how we could automatically pipe emails from our Discuss and Announce mailing lists into this forum as topics.


Let’s not. This is meant to replace that.