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(James) #1

:rocket: is a fully open source, drop-in replacement for our Slack that we are currently testing for fun. Check out the primary community chat, which has over 250,000 registered users here! We’ve been quietly running an instance for testing these last few months and it has been rock solid so far. Any existing Slack user is welcome to help test it! You can request access at

Some very interesting features:

  • We can define our own roles and presets for the chat!
  • Can import users, public channels and web hooks from Slack!
  • Channels with optional read only access for anonymous users or the www - see
    • Add optional anonymous comments as well.
  • End to End encryption is available for private rooms.
  • Federation is in development so we will be able to chat directly with other instances, such as our friends at

Rocket has their own Discourse “Discuss” Forum, which you can check out here.
Documentation for new users and admins available here.
See project Github page here.