Help everyone: fold their laundry Covid19

This is more of an ask? {I’m going to set this up on my desktop at home}

Let’s do what we do the best and get really freaking Techi…and make Creators, not just create for others.

Covid 19 is going to be around for a bit, I want to help in the long run
not just getting enough TP to wipe.

If we create Team Noisebridge on “folding at home” , Use our Tech and Create an easier path to our knowledge, we shall prevail…84’

All of this help can be done over facetime ect. for those with extra resources ect. they can build out computers with Noisebridges help and defeat the CYLONS.

What people need to know? How would you teach them over the phone?

  1. How to build a computer from scratch(ordering the parts and putting it together)
  2. how to install minimal OS so as to offer the full computer power to the process?
  3. Instructions on how/where to run and install “Fold at home” like and such.
    3.5 how to brag about how much virus they have folded out of existance.
  4. Become part of team Noisebridge, hell, they may even come see it

We have the noisevirus it eat’s Covid-19s for breakfast.

here is their website
Does anyone have the team number for Noisebridge?

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I am setting up a team already since I set up the machines at noisebridge

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It should be up tommorow

when the team is set up please link…OOHHHHH YA this is gonna kick some CLyon butt

@pyconaut is making the team :grinning:

I’m also curious about making a debian bootable that can run on most any computer, come in usb form and then install a min OS, then the protien-folder with instructions to start the program on boot. distribution of NB’s folderOS…and the protien-folder on the computer will automatically come with the TEAM=Noise Bridge.

3 steps?
plug in the usb
turn on computer.
now fold your laundry.

Good idea for the usb version

I might try to make that.

Though first I need to figure out how to remotely check noisebridges machines.

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Our current laundry folders

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What should our team name be

Noisebridge laundry folding
Anarchists folding laundry
Hack the laundry

Any other ideas?

Not our machine but this is what the covid 19 folding at home project looks like.

Someone said it looked like a Borg cube in the chat I pulled this from.

I know Noisebridgers like to get excited about technical solutions to this sort of problem - but considering what electricity in San Francisco costs, it would likely be an order of magnitude more effective to rent non-reserved AWS instances in a cheap region and run the folding@home client on them:

Or better still - just donate the cost of the electricity you’ll burn each month directly to a research group developing a vaccine. Because they’re already doing first round COVID-19 vaccine testing on human volunteers.

We currently have a giant stack of servers running folding@home at Noisebridge …likely burning $300/month worth of electricity. That’s practically nothing to folding@home, but a significant amount of money to Noisebridge.

Those computers should be switched off before we lock-up the space.


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I set these up because I felt it would be helpful and might make a case for critical infrastructure (which we are looking into).

It should not cost that much as they are not drawing all that much power (there are long idle periods).

Many companies did a call out for everyone to start running folding at home if possible.

And these machines were sitting around for long enough doing nothing.

If you think running folding from aws is a good idea then do it.

Its about doing as much as possible to help. Donate, run simulations, build stuff. All things need to be done

They are not servers just normal computers.

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Also for people who want to join noisebridge’s folding team our team number is


And is called noisebridge

Current systems on team

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It’s not much, but EVGA has a promotion going that awards teams with special money that can only be used to buy EVGA stuff, but it’s something! A new card in a year to help research next year’s pandemic

…but you have to join their team, so I dunno. Worth looking into though
oh and there is also this possibly much better option
may help offset the energy cost

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Yep good ideas, I might set up a donation link for our folding at home team. And I am about to reach out to see if some GPUs can be donated.

As far as energy cost goes if everyone sets up what they think is the way to do it. Old computer laying around, or a monthly spend for a spin-up… either way join the NB team so that we can create some solidarity around killing this thing and for NB to be seen.

I haven’t used Folding @ Home since undergrad–excited to give it a go again. I’ve booted it up and joined the team on my spare laptop. Even if its not the most efficient use of electricity dollars, I feel like decentralizing the Folding and doing what we can for it locally is in line with anarchist values of self-sufficiency.


Has anyone tried this out… @tim I’d love your opinion on this game.

Alright @pyconaut, do as you will.

For the record i am running folding@home on one of my computers, because my apartment is cold, and I want the heat (my apartment has electric heat). I shut it off when it’s warm enough.

Noisebridge, however, doesn’t need a giant electric space heater running continuously for the next few months racking up our electricity bill - we need that money to cover the many months of donations we’re not going to receive as the space lays empty.

Absolutely use your personal computer at home to participate; but @pyconaut if you want to keep all those computers at Noisebridge folding, please take them home and use your own electricity.

This same discussion has come up in the past about mining cryptocurrencies at Noisebridge.