Help cleaning out my locker

It looks like wheelchair access won’t be happening before the space closes down, so I could really use some help getting items out of my locker.

Is anyone able to help with this at some point (if we have time before the lease is up, it would be good to do this when the disease is more under control)? I mostly just have some laser cutting materials that I need.

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hola Zach - no worries, will make sure it gets taken care of (also need to get the neurohacks locker)

Hi Zach, I will be happy to help. Let me know when it is best time for you.


Thanks! Are people going to the space at all right now? Anytime is good for me, really…

@Zach I’m available as well. Seems like you’ve disabled personal messages on this forum and I can’t find your handle on slack (not that I use it all that much). Post a date / time here publicly I’ll check back here daily until this is resolved.

Hi Jay, I have messages enabled and I was messaging someone yesterday. However it won’t let me message you because it says your profile is hidden. Perhaps it’s a setting on your end?

I definitely would need to communicate with somebody privately to give my address to pick up the key to the locker. Tomorrow at 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. or Sunday at 2 p.m. would be good times. I could also look into leaving the key with a friend.

I’ve re-enabled my public profile. Let me know if it lets you send me a DM ~ sorry about that!

The date/times you provided work for me. :slight_smile:

Totally forgot to reply to this part.

I can also swing by your address, pickup the key, and deliver the contents of your locker back to you once we get direct messaging sorted out!

UPDATE: moving to private messaging. direct messaging sorted out! :slight_smile: