Hello! I am interested in teaching a class about how to create videos that go Viral

Hello! This is my first post so forgive me if I’m going about this wrong.

I love noisebridge and would love to contribute my special skillset to the community in order to drive donations.

I am interested in teaching a class either about:

  1. creating videos on youtube that go viral.


  1. How to create a full time living as a musician.

My credentials:
I run a music themed youtube channel with over 100k subscribers and millions of views. This is my full time job.

What should my next steps be in order to make this happen?


If you have some specific time(s) & day(s) of the week in mind, it’s a good idea to come to Noisebridge during those times and see what other activities are normally going on and where your class would be able to fit in. There is a large classroom in the back of the space with a projector. There are other areas that may be suitable as well.

The wiki events page https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Category:Events seems to be overdue for a cleanup - it’s a good idea to doublecheck to confirm that the supposedly regularly scheduled events listed there are still happening. You’ll probably want to add your class to that page once you have an idea when and where it will be held. Hopefully someone will suggest a contact to facilitate editing the wiki if for some reason it’s not possible for you to add your information to that page directly yourself.

Also I think there is a meetup page for events at noisebridge - you might want to check around to see who knows more about that if you would like to have your event listed there as well.

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If you dm me your email address and join the Meetup group I can elevate you to a meetup organizer so you can make an event. Meetup is a great way to draw a crowd

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Awesome! Thanks i’m unfortunately not sure how to DM someone on here :frowning:

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If you click on a person’s avatar image, do you see a popup with a red “message” button? If so, I’m guessing that should do the trick. :slight_smile:

Hey David, I would love to take the class. I’ve been making music videos, about 1 every 2 weeks and I’d love to learn how to get more traction. Are you still available to teach?

Thank you

@Roboto reminded me of that yt guru you watch. Thought you might be interested.

Here is the event! It’s october 25th!


Hey David, I unfortunately have a gig exactly at that time in Oakland. I would totally make any other day. Could I please meet up with you at a different time? I would still love to learn from you.

Thank you

No worries! Im planning on recording the event! So Just message me afterwards and I’ll send you the recording!

Indeed: https://www.meetup.com/noisebridge/

Also, announce your event at a Tuesday meeting @ 8pm at NB so that others know about it.

Post it here on Discourse and it’ll be injected into Slack, too.

Lastly, announce your event to noisebridge-announce@lists.noisebridge.net .

…and that’s it!