Header enhancements

So first, sorry, i have not been able to learn discourses architecture to help make changes. I would like to, but i’m currently involved in too many things, and my horoscope said I need to divest at least one project as a new years resolution. (like…i don’t believe in it but still frighteningly accurate)

Aa couple notes about the header

  1. the “wiki” link disappears when scrolling away from the top. not a big deal. This seems specific to when the header acquires the topic’s subject during scrolling down.

  2. It would be nice if the navigation was static, e.g. the Meta> Latest, Top, etc. I’ve always found it odd that websites have navigation that is not accessible from the botton. Are ppl not aware that we read to the bottom, then need to navigate? wtf. it’s so pervasive in open source documentation.

If there’s a guide to quickly get up to speed on fucking around with discourse, please do pin to top of Meta category or something.

Thanks! Great job everyone

The wiki link is configured on purpose to do that. I’m not sure what you mean by static navigation though? I always just click on the NB logo to get home after a thread.

Eh, never mind. I will stop nitpicking UX till I learn this more.

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