Hazardous waste disposal

We have some assorted hazardous waste around the space which should be disposed of. I did a bit of research this afternoon on how to do this properly. I think there are two things that need to be done:

  1. Collect hazardous waste into one place: I propose putting everything in or next to the flammables cabinet, clearly labelled “FOR DISPOSAL”. The list of hazardous products includes:

    • Light bulbs
    • Paint
    • Pesticides
    • Household cleaners

    (Batteries and electronics are also on this list but we have a separate bin for e-waste and I’m told @lizzard is getting a battery bucket for us.)

  2. Take hazardous waste away: According to SF Recycles, Recology’s hazardous waste facility is the only place we can dispose of solvents and the like. I believe Noisebridge qualifies for the SF Very Small Quantity Generator program. This will involve:
    a. Getting a Hazardous Waste ID number if we don’t already have one lying about (Recology can apparently help with this)
    b. Making an appointment with Recology (sounds like they’re available on alternate Wednesdays only) by calling 415.330.1425
    c. Take the stuff to the hazardous waste facility at 501 Tunnel Avenue

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There should be a giant bin labeled E waste. I’ve put everything that needs to be tossed in there so far.

I think for things like liquids, paint, etc. We may not be able to take those to the E-Waste place on 16th. I can call them this week, get us a number, and arrange to take a load of stuff to 501 Tunnel Ave. If it is in boxes or something and will fit in the trunk of a small toyota then I don’t mind driving it there, but if someone else wants to step up to do it please let me know!

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