HAMbridge Social& Preso, .... ..

Tonight there is a young HAM (Amateur Radio) operator giving a presentation at a local radio club on NanoVNA’s (Vector Network Analyzer), I’ve happened upon several long conversations over the air talking about the related theory and process behind all of this over the last year.

I’m planning to join their zoom meeting (talk at 7:30pm) and re-stream it at noisebridge via https://jitsi.noisebridge.io/HAM

Depending on who all may or may not be interested I’ll watch upstairs with headphones, or in the garage with a few extra seats. Would also like to talk with anyone interested in radio projects, especially involving wifi, mesh, satellite and the like.

More info about Luca and FARS radio club FARS Meeting Programs - 2021

P.S. I’ve got some time to work on the driveway and garage this afternoon as well if anyone is around.