Hacksgiving at 1pm on Thursday. Everyone is welcome!

Let’s do Hacksgiving at Noisebridge Thursday around 1pm.

I’m bringing a turkey and stuffing, creamy mashed potatoes, probably a green vegetable of some currently undecided variety, roasted cauliflower with herbs from my garden, and a pomegranate cranberry sauce.

Anyone is welcome - hacker or otherwise. Bring a friend, a neighbor, a nice person you met on bart.


It would be most excellent if folks would bring other goodies like pumpkin pie, salads, that sweet potato and marshmallow thing that’s pretending to be a side dish but it’s really a guilty as sin delicious dessert.

And paper plates, napkins, and cutlery would be stellar for someone to pitch in.

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I can get pumpkin pie (store bought)! I think we have an assortment of napkins and plates, but I can also get them if we don’t have enough

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It would be a delicious delight to enjoy your store bought pumpkin pie, TJ!

I’ll be there, and I’m planning on bringing some pumpkin cheesecake (WIP)


if anyone wants to setup a video stream, I can join in the afternoon doing some PCB assembly :slight_smile:

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poke anyone down to set up so me n folks can join online?

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We’re really sorry we didn’t get the remote set up! Next time we’ll try and get more in mind.
Feel free to ping any of us about this when it comes up, it’s simple enough to do.

sigh…it keeps happening like this. For years, access to Noisebridge continues to be
“better luck next time.”

I tried to pass consensus last year for a disability coordinator to help with stuff like this (who do you ping?) and a commitment to virtual classes and events.
it was blocked. :confused: and I continue to be the bad guy for bringing stuff like this up at meetings and being a “downer”.

It’s not how I want to spend my time. and it’s really NB’s loss, as myself and other disabled people have much to offer the community.

If @James or @gaardn or @Rikke or @pyconaut have any ideas, -or anyone else- that would be cool

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The pumpkin cheesecake was amazing.

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Zach I’m so sorry we goofed on this. At the very least we could have set up jitsi. It looked to me like @lizzard also expressed interest in Hacksgiving - which could have been made accessible remotely.

I’m sure you both have thoughts on ways to make the space more remotely accessible. Hacker Dojo had a neat tall camera & tablet (showing video stream of operator’s face, you know, like in real life) on remotely steerable wheels solution we could implement.

Would it be possible to brainstorm our ideas?

Just realized Zach made a thread. Moving discussion there.