Hacker Passports

(Mikulas Plesak) #1


I’ve been looking around for the hacking passports today, as me and my friend are leaving SF for Europe soon and would love to carry them proudly around :slight_smile: However, I was told that they were moved recently and even with others’ help couldn’t find them.
If anyone knows and could pinpoint me to a place where they’re hidden now, I’d be very happy to purchase two or three.

Thank you!


I don’t know where they are either but if I were to guess, they’d be in with the circuit hacking Monday kit. I also don’t know who has access to that as of late.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #3

There’s a key to the CHM cart in the CHM locker. Matt, Nick, and other people who run CHM sometimes should have access. I do too – ask me if you see me in the space

(Matthew McKenna) #4

I’ve never seen them, but usually only go through that stuff on an as needed basis and haven’t in a while. But I can try to remember the combo and help look for it if anyone sees me around too. I think I’ll be there Friday evening if that helps.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #5

I’ll DM you the combo!