Hacker Passports


I’ve been looking around for the hacking passports today, as me and my friend are leaving SF for Europe soon and would love to carry them proudly around :slight_smile: However, I was told that they were moved recently and even with others’ help couldn’t find them.
If anyone knows and could pinpoint me to a place where they’re hidden now, I’d be very happy to purchase two or three.

Thank you!

I don’t know where they are either but if I were to guess, they’d be in with the circuit hacking Monday kit. I also don’t know who has access to that as of late.

There’s a key to the CHM cart in the CHM locker. Matt, Nick, and other people who run CHM sometimes should have access. I do too – ask me if you see me in the space

I’ve never seen them, but usually only go through that stuff on an as needed basis and haven’t in a while. But I can try to remember the combo and help look for it if anyone sees me around too. I think I’ll be there Friday evening if that helps.

I’ll DM you the combo!

Coincidence brough me back to SF, and so I was gonna ask - has any one of you stumbled upon the passports? @ruthgrace @mpmckenna8

If not, I’ll drop by some time and ask/look around. Thank you all for chipping in already!

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No, I haven’t looked. Update everyone if you find 'em! :slight_smile:

We went through a lot of the locker stuff and the circuit hacking cart pretty thoroughly and I don’t remember seeing anything. Someone did just fabricate a stamp thing using the lazer and our 3d printers somehow so maybe we can work with him to make a new one.

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What is a Hacker Passport? Can we make more!

I was looking at this website (https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Passport) hoping that I could get one physically instead of having to order it, they come from NB originally @themanmaran

@mpmckenna8 that would be great!

I have 3 noisebridge hacker passport stamps somewhere, but no ink, we are all out of the passports themselves if I remember correctly. I will find the stamps when I return to the space in an hour

Anyone know how to order more? They sound cool!

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I know where to order more, I’ll put link up, but I want to first find out about discounts on the purchase, I’ll check tonight.


Ok I am contacting the current supplier to see if we can get a discounted large order. In the meantime, if you want to buy one yourself here’s the link.


We have the stamp and ink in the office supply cart - I just saw em!


@pyconaut any chance we can get em for free? Noisebridge is famous!

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That’s what I am trying to do.


@pyconaut Hi - has there by any chance been any progress?

I have contacted adafruit, and they only gave 10 percent discounts, I am now trying to negotiate a better discount, but am out of town at the moment. I have also tried to visit a few local printers to see their prices, but to get it down in price we need quite a lot to be printed (mitch’s original run of 2700 cost 1 dollar per passport (Valencia printing if I remember correctly)).

I just checked and I still have another email to send to adafruit after I share it here to get feedback, I’ll work on that tommorow.