Hack the Grants

I’ve learned that we can FOIA gov’t successful grant applications:

Well, now we can hack the fuck out of it. I know someone who knows a lot about filing FOIA reqs.

if we:

  1. find a bunch of good grants to target
  2. FOAI them
  3. do other things while we wait
  4. Analyze the applications in ways that only a group of system builders and system thrashers can

We can almost certainly find very efficient way to apply to many grants. Maybe even automate a lot of it.

If I can get 3-4 people not currently on the fundraising committee to commit to 1 or 2 or both, I’ll speak with my friend about streamlining filling out FOIA reqs. I do not want to waste their time, they are busy holding the gov’t accountable.

This is a really positive way someone can help fundraising without too much effort. If you commit and can’t do later, just say so, doesn’t really matter! Expressing interest in helping is a morale booster!


I can already see the Boing Boing article, “I fed this nerual network 3000 grant applications and here’s what it wrote”

I’d be interested in helping with this. I’ve done FOIA of grants from the NSF and NIH before and it was pretty straightforward although took some extra time if the grantee wanted to redact info. I also recently did a FOIA from the SFMTA and that went smoothly so far although they delayed twice because I wanted all the JUMP bike data.

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Well, if it worked for conference paper acceptance, it would be best if we discovered it for grants first

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