Guy working on the elevator today

(Tyler Maran) #1

He’s up on the roof now, but he’ll be passing through NB throughout the day working on it.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #2

@themanmaran what company is this person from? I’ve been calling a bunch of elevator companies but to my knowledge nothing was actually booked. Is he from KONE? Some details in #finance-wg on Slack

(Ruth Grace Wong) #3

Just called KONE and it is not them. If this person is from Otis then maybe the landlord set it up because Otis isn’t one of the companies I called about the elevator.

(Tyler Maran) #4

I did not get his name or contact info unfortunately - and he has already headed out. I believe it was the landlord who set up the meeting. He came by - identified the problem and said he would need additional parts. I didn’t get a chance to speak with him before he left.

Current status - elevator is down.

(nicole) #5

Out of curiosity, where was that picture taken?

(Tyler Maran) #6

That is the rooftop elevator room. He had a key to service it - so I believe he has worked on it before.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #7

Confirming with the landlord but I think the elevator repair person is indeed helping with the flaky bumper issue that I’ve been chasing down.

(Ruth Grace Wong) #8

Update: landlord gave me the technician’s contact info. The technician is replacing the same bumper part (turns out it’s called a “roller cam”) on the other door, and he’ll take look at the bumper on the door that we were having an issue with to see if it needs some lubrication or something.