Guild Proposal

A guild for physical repair. I propose Necromancy / Necromancers since we’d bring broken things back from the dead.


Maybe the once a month Fixit Clinic rendition of circuit hacking Monday can be revived


Fixit Clinic is actually kinda an institution outside of Noisebridge run by Peter Mui. There’s a mailing list of volunteer Fixit coaches who are experienced that we should recruit if we started Fixit Clinic at Noisebridge again.

Edit: I should add, I’d love to run this again. I learned so much when I was running it before. Maybe in September when I’m not doing my part time job anymore and baby can attend too. If anyone else wants to run it, I’d be happy to show you the ropes too.


I can’t commit to it, but melding the two would be neat. that was a great Meetup.

I was thinking like a place to post that a thing is broken and s thread to discuss it and the solution.

if the Meetup could go self-directed that would be amazing.