Guild creation stories and purposes

While talking about starting guilds after the meeting and then on slack @nthmost noted that the guilds should have creation stories. This seems pretty fun, so I’m starting a thread for them.

If anyone feels like writing some backstory or statements of purpose for guilds they’re thinking of, whether serious or fluff, please share them.

Here is the the backstory / mini manifesto for the Anational Network of Autonomous Porch Builders

"Long before the beginning of building codes and the inspectors to enforce them and the states which would delineate their jurisdiction, there was the dawn of the porches; the times of the warm verandas and the majestic lanais.

The porch was the natural architecture of humankind. A place of stability, protection, and close, but not too close, connection with nature beyond. Each porch was a embodiment of the values and craft of the masterful porch builders of the age. It was their personal commitment to their craft and their respect for those who would one day drink iced teas while greeting passers by which drove the porch builders to develop and pass down their high standards of duty and porchcraft.

In those days humanity flourished in the liminal space between the secure and comfortable enclosure of their home of healing and the challenges of the outdoors and their communities; so necessary for growth. In the background, the porch builders quietly worked making and maintaining each porch; from stoa to stoop.

The success of the porch was, in turn, humanity’s success but humanity’s prosperity was not also that of the porch builders. Slowly enough, and yet at a speed surprising to the porch builders who were a slow and systematic sort, the increasing complexities of society substantially relegated the porch to mere a place between the places where people had to be; instead of a place to simply be.

While the cedar and redwood of their noble works faded so did their impact. In time the numbers of the porch builders were not sufficient to design and implement their standards so as to influence their societies, by means of their works. By choice and necessity most of the porch builders moved on to serve their neighbors through means other than the construction of porches. Some turned to writing about the beautiful and sensual qualities of porches, others outlined the specifics of safe assembly and the proper regulation of porches, some fell to despair and cynicism, while a few continued to seek out peoples who still felt our innate human need for the porch and to build for them; content with this small act improving their world.

Despite their outcomes, the porch builders continued to share the deep lessons of porchcraft with those who would not only listen but take action. The porch builders of today continue to understand that porches are a physical manifestation of love for people and that regardless of where the porch is, who it is for, or acceptability to local authorities, they must be built. The act of designing, assembling, and maintenance of porches is necessary for the connection of people to each other and to their world and it MUST BE DONE.

With respect for your health and happiness,

Anational Network of Autonomous Porch Builders (ANAPB)”

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