Guild coats of arms

(Lady Red) #1

I’m building coats of arms for the guilds of noisebridge.
My goal with these coats of arms is to be simple, beautiful and identifiable, and to be heraldic - compliant with the rules of heraldry.

Here are the first couple I’ve brainstormed up.
Neurohacking - this will likely need to have some element added for differencing,
argent, a gurges sable

party per bend sable and gules, a book argent

and Lasercutting - Here’s 3 good options. I really like this one because the red pile suggests a laser beam so strongly!

_sable, a pile issuing from the base in bend sinister gules fimbricated argent_

pinned #2

(Lady Red) #3

I added a bordure sable to this one to make it look a bit more complete on a white screen.

Next up - Electronics.

(Lady Red) #4

These are from Drawshield. They could be emblazoned nicer if people want but Drawshield does a fine job for some.

per chevron Gules and Sable, a needle and a needle argent in saltire and scissors argent in nombril smaller_
I feel like this one is ready!

Gules, 6 bar gemel argent embattled , an artists brush sable inverted
This one is for electronics and it’s definitely not finished. I’m playing with charges and positioning - I want a soldering iron and a silver embattled line, but this doesn’t look cool enough for me to ship it

I’m trying to keep a consistent color scheme so they all feel Noisebridgey and cohesive even though they’re all different. I might switch it up because I think gamebridge has to be green

(Lady Red) #5

per bend gules bezanty and sable bezanty


It would be cool if the sewing one had a spider


Wow! These are all very beautiful!