Guild business - What are we giving back to Noisebridge?

I’ve been thinking about what it means to be in a guild, or at least be acknowledged as someone who likes electronics and how this indicator can benefit Noisebridge.

One area specifically is Safety and Equipment.

For Safety, I was thinking things like

  1. Guidelines to use mains safely
  2. Handling Lithium batteries including managing a situation where someone shorted it as well as recognition of bad batteries and disposal
  3. Non-FUD soldering information

Equipment would be things like

  1. Proper use of shared resources to extend their life
  2. maintenance
  3. simple diagnostic checks
  4. periodic inventory and equipment checks (these have coincided with cleaning weekend)
  5. General decluttering, like if you feel like it, put away 5 things. or whatever. don’t need to tidy the whole place.

A re-org would be good too.

With the move coming up, we might want to get ahead of it and plan accordingly. A lot of stuff is already boxed which is great. the component library cannot be moved as-is, however. We can plan that in a different topic i guess.

Also we need to recruit more people which I have not been doing, but that’s on-going. Any ideas to get people to pay attention to the area would be great.