GUERRERO TOUR ROUND III - 6/12/19 5:00-8:00PM

Just spoke to our agent. He can show us the building again this Wednesday (6/12) from 5:00PM to 8:00PM.

Hopefully this is a good time for all those full time folk, and the 3 hours should give us plenty of time to take pictures, measurements, etc. Realtor said he would be open to staying later if we needed it.

I’ll be at NB at 4:30 and work on rounding up people at the space. Also feel free to join anytime you can while we are there. It is just 2 blocks from NB.


Doh!. Yesterday I’d mentioned that I had to check my calendar. I’m already booked for other things every night this week. Is it possible to push this off to next Tuesday or Thursday evening?

If the realtor is willing to keep making trips that is fine. I might be able to provide a rough plan based on the video that someone could use to make some measurements from.

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We’ll bring a measuring tape and buy the realtor a case of beer!

Does anyone have a 360 Camera we can bring with us??

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I have 2 of them- happy to bring them if I go.


I have a friends 360 camera as well, will bring that on Wednesday

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Awesome! I’d like to come (at least on the first floor part!) The space looks exciting!

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@themanmaran Please see the pdf below for the sketches of 668 Guerrero St. I’ve drawn these up based on the video you shared. They are only estimations of where things are and their sizes. I’ll print some and bring them over to NB after work along with my laser measure for you to use tomorrow.

e668 Guerrero - rough plan sketches for site measurements.pdf (215.3 KB)

Here are jpgs of the sheets for additional reference:


Wow. That is crazy impressive just off of a video. Thank’s Jarrod!

I’m not at NoiseBridge right now, but I will be at the meeting tonight.

Thanks. though I just noticed I missed a door, but that can be fixed later.

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I was going to do the exact Same thing tommorow while there, now I can just take measurements.

Thank you Jarrod.

We can show these tonight at the meeting.
I’ll make sure people understand that it is a sketch, not a true architectural plan.

Thanks to @tim for putting this in the Meetup page:


I’m heading over to check it out now. See you guys soon.

Here’s the 360 video:


Scans of measurements from site visit:


Electrical Outlets


Why not more tours! I think I’ll just ask for another followup tour when you have some time next week. With the big meeting Tuesday I’ll hopefully get a bunch of people interested in visiting the space the next day.