Grant Opportunity for the Space. May 17 Deadline

Hi all,

We were talking about trying to get a grant for accessibility to the space in tonight’s meeting. I found this grant on It seems like it could be used for accessibility or any other sort of buildout focused on usability of the space (like a wall between the hackitorium and the wood shop).

I have some existing obligations and won’t be able to spearhead the application process but would be glad to contribute if someone else wants to take initiative. I have some government contracting experience and would be glad to give some high level guidance. Check out the description below:

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Office of Challenge Grants is accepting applications for the Infrastructure and Capacity Building Challenge Grants program. Capital Projects support the design, purchase, construction, restoration, or renovation of facilities for humanities activities. Digital Infrastructure projects support the maintenance, modernization, and sustainability of existing digital scholarly projects and platforms. For both Capital Projects and Digital Infrastructure, expenditures must be shown to bring long-term benefits to the institution and to the humanities more broadly.

Grants for capital improvements sound like a fun opportunity for infrastructure projects.

We could really use a big elevator for people and gear.

That’s the idea :wink: I know @bedcloud (on slack) expressed interest in working on it if you’d like to get involved @jof. I have a contact at NorCal SBDC who might be able to connect me with some people to review our application if we can get something together with time to spare.