Got a call from Ronen's office

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Got a call from Ronen’s office. They like our ask for $500,000 and will foward it ASAP.

Here is a link to the current ask. Please comment. I will finalize it with them tomorrow with a quick blurb and contacts, and will send directly.

Again, I do not think we will be funded at this time, but we know we have a champion in Ronen’s office and can get funding once we (1) have identified a space to buy, (2) show that we are ready to handle $1.5m (we look close.)

If you have any questions, please let me know.



Very cool!

That’s a very thoughtful message from Ronen’s office.

Would it be possible to include why we want to purchase a building in the Mission so it doesn’t sound like a wishlist item?
We want to purchase a building in the Mission because it’s our home and the community we serve, as well as a neighborhood that is easily accessed by public transport.

Tiny edits:

they are launching at $4 million capital campaign

Replace at with a.

Very truly yours

End line with comma.


thanks, Nicole! (I wrote this note for her.) I will make your suggested edits. Great point about the Mission.

34% [of Noisebridge attendees] make less than $50,000 a year,

Is it really only 34%? I’d think it’d be higher, but I don’t know what info we’ve collected to show otherwise.

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This is data from the survey @ruthgrace and @LilyRaabe did of noisebridge membership late last year. I suggest we repeat this survey annually.


Here’s what I just sent to Ronen’s office. Just a note, by the way, Ronen’s staffer helping us is her Chief of Staff Carolyn Goossen. Which feels pretty good to me.

Hello Carolyn,

Again, thank you so much for your help.

Attached, please find the PDF of our ask. I can give you text if you’d prefer to put the first page on your letterhead.

We have been in contact with:

Catie Arbona in Assemblymember Chiu’s office:

Alex Wong in Senator Wiener’s office:

Jeff Sparks in Senator Wiener’s office:

As for a cover note, here is something you can edit to your heart’s content.

Dear Jeff, Alex and Catie,

Supervisor Hillary Ronen is very interested in the success of Noisebridge’s campaign to create a new space in the Mission District. Noisebridge’s work meets several important goals of our office, first and foremost by bringing access to technology and learning to all people without charging anyone a dime to participate. Their users are significantly lower income and less white and male than the tech industry, making them a key partner in our shared goal of making our region’s prosperity more accessible to all.

As you know, Noisebridge is in the beginning phase of a $4m campaign. We hope you can secure $500,000 as a down payment to get the ball rolling.

You can be in contact with Josef Krebs at if you have any questions about Noisebridge or this request.

Thank you for your consideration,

Carolyn Goossen

Chief of Staff

Office of San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen

Josef Krebs

Scandiuzzi Krebs


Attachments area

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I would have used “score us a dank $500,000” but I guess it’s too late.

Thanks Josef, this is awesome.

I would like to consider internal PR. Even if we don’t get it this time, the level of consideration for NB is high, and if there’s a way we can show the community this possibility is available, perhaps we can generate some excitement for this process.